Women’s LEAN IN Leadership Program

Women’s LEAN IN Leadership Program

Program Begins: January 10th, 2017

Then Proceeds 2nd Tuesday Every Month

Time: 11 am-12: 30 pm

Location: 1200 17th Street, Suite 2050 Denver, CO 80202

Contact: Erin.Marquez@wogacolorado.org

(P) 720-545-5096




WOGA presents an annual leadership development program utilizing the Lean In Circle system where women come together and participate in educational topics geared towards strengthening leadership ambitions, mentoring and team building skillsets, as well as personal development. WOGA’s circle is scheduled to meet monthly on the second Tuesday of each month for the duration of 1.5 hours. Each session provides both individual reflection and group dialogues. Lean In Circles are small peer groups that meet regularly to learn and grow together and they work—more than 85% of members are more likely to tackle a new challenge or opportunity- leanin.org/partners.




Our scheduled topics for 2017 are assembled around leadership topics, managing personal wellbeing, discovering inner strengths, and building effective networks.


  1. Leadership Series: What It Takes To Be A Leader & Building Effective Networks
  2. Part 1: Meaning
  3. Part 2: Framing
  4. Part 3: Connecting
  5. Part 4: Engaging
  6. Part 5: Energizing
  7. Full Potential Series: Your Childhood Self
  8. Part 1: How To Manage Your Inner Critic & Claiming Your Strengths
  9. Part 2: The Economics Of Well-Being
  10. Part 3: Focusing On Feedback & Difficult Conversations
  11. Part 4: Mentorship Matters & Team Dynamics
  12. The Power Of Multipliers