WOGA December Newsletter

WOGA December Newsletter

WOGA Holiday Party

A BIG Thank You to everyone that came out for the WOGA Holiday Party!  Sponsor Liberty Oilfield Resources graciously provided the space, food and beverages (out of their amazing built-in tap!!) and AADE donated $1000 to the Weld County Food Bank.  What incredible generosity from both of these great companies.  Combined with the registration money, we are donating $2620 to the Weld County Food Bank!

Another Thank You to Dawn Lima (WOGA executive board) and Audrey Carlson and Kayla Sparks of Liberty for their planning and coordination for the party!

Here are a couple of pictures from the party!


Lean In Lunch 2017

A message from WOGA Board Member Lia Fields, who will be spear-heading WOGA Lean-In 2018:

“As 2017 draws to a close, so did our inaugural WOGA Lean-In Program. As the group worked through the Leadership Program over the last 12 months, we shared stories of both personal and professional struggles and accomplishments.  These collaborations helped to transform the way we interacted with our peers, coworkers, and partners – so much that people spoke up about the changes they noticed.  This program challenged us to reflect inwardly, make self-assessments, and be more honest with ourselves – all in the interest of further development of our leadership skills. There were also new friendships, networks, and mentorships. I am excited to build on to the take-aways from 2017 with what we will learn in 2018.

We can’t say thank you enough to Dena Lund, Abby Rimel and Sterling Energy for their time, organizational skills, and sponsorship of this program. You were instrumental in making this program a great success. I am happy to announce that all three will be back for 2018. We would also like to give a heart-felt thank you to Erin Marquez for kicking this program off and being a driving force behind its success this past year.”

For more information on Lean-In 2018, see our previous post here:  Lean-In 2018

WOGA Membership Drive

Thank you to everyone who renewed, referred or joined during our Membership Drive!  It was a definite success and we appreciate everyone that helped spread the word about WOGA.  Those new members that signed up during the drive or current members that referred someone will be receiving their coupon code for their free Technical Lunch or Lean-In Circle lunch via email in the next couple of weeks.

WOGA 2017 Re-Cap

What a great year of growth and learning at WOGA.  This is just a brief re-cap of our activities in 2017:

  • 12 Lean In Circles
  • 5 Technical Lunches
  • Participated in HERWorld, partnering with PinkPetro
  • 1 Volunteer Day (Energy Industry Volunteer Day)
  • 1 Golf Clinic
  • 1 Shooting Clays Clinic
  • 3 Partner Events (Women, Workouts and WIne, Energy Industry Happy Hour, COGA Energy Summit)
  • 1 Holiday Party


We’re excited to continue to support our members and expand WOGA’s positive impact on the energy industry and our community!  Look for upcoming events and opportunities to participate.

Happy Holidays from your WOGA Board!!

Egle, Debi, Anna, Dawn, Lia, Alex and Christa