November 13th Technical Luncheon – Productivity Solutions

November 13th Technical Luncheon – Productivity Solutions

Take a journey to a place where you are calm and relaxed…
No, this isn’t a presentation to sell you a vacation time share, this is a chance to discover tools that will help you find a sense of calm and focus while living in a world that is reacting to the dings and pings. Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution that you weren’t able to follow through on? Do you want to be able to manage the onslaught of emails, meetings and actual work that you have to get done? Learn how to set boundaries, identify what you can and can’t control, and take home a few tips and tricks that will help you to begin to Take Back Your Life!

Main Objectives:
– Learn how to better manage the interruptions of email, smartphone, other people, and your mind!
– Discover a new approach to email that allows you to not live your life married to your inbox
– Shift the way you think about time management by using the calendar as a dashboard for your life
– Begin to rethink what is urgent versus what are the most important things and how you can set       stricter boundaries in order to achieve all of your personal and professional goals

Speaker Brooke Layman, a consultant at McGhee Productivity Solutions, will present on these and other objectives focused on productivity solutions for women in the energy industry.  Please join us for the last WOGA Technical Luncheon of 2017!  $10 for WOGA Members and $15 for non-WOGA members. Bring your brown bag lunch and WOGA will provide cookies and water!

11:30am – 1:00pm
Republic Plaza
370 17th Street
Concourse level – Training Room
Denver, CO 80202

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