WOGA Upcoming Events

WOGA Upcoming Events

Hi Ladies, We at WOGA hope you are settling into your 2022 nicely. It’s already week two of the new year and our first Lean In is this Thursday!! We hope you can join us.

 LEAN IN: January 2022

Topic: Unhide Your Magic with Michelle

Your personal brand is how others perceive you. It is your reputation. And your reputation in perpetuity is the foundation of your career.

Unless people know you personally, what they think, feel and, in turn, say about you is based on what they find online or hear from others “out in the marketplace”.

When developing your brand, it’s essential to be you. Between LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on, we document so much of our lives on social media, creating a “persona” is not an option.

The question then becomes, how do you let the multiple personas fall away? How do you confidently show up fully as yourself in every area of your life? Join me for a revealing journey to stop hiding and holding yourself back so you can fully bring your magic to the world.

Michelle McGlade is an award-winning CEO, best-selling author, speaker and podcast host and owner. Leveraged 25+ years’ experience to build three successful enterprises and coached hundreds of leaders in building, scaling, or exiting their businesses. The Modern Leader’s Maven, Michelle believes success is an inside out game and leadership of self is the key to building teams and unlocking your next level growth in business and life. Michelle’s work has been featured by Microsoft, Thrive Global, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine and beyond and she’s slayed the stage at organizations such as Autodesk, Gilead and Deluxe Financial Services.

VenueZoom Video Meeting
StartsThu Jan 13 2022, 11:00am MST
EndsThu Jan 13 2022, 12:30pm MST

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StartsThu Jan 13 2022, 10:45am MST
EndsThu Dec 8 2022, 12:30pm MST

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