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LEAN IN: A Lunch With Susan Morrice

Please put March 10 11-12:30MT on your calendars now for our Virtual Celebration of International Women’s Day. our speaker is the brilliant, charming, hilarious Susan Morrice.  Susan is a wee Irish lass with a giant personality who brought her love of Geology to a whole new level as the Co-Founder and Chairperson of Belize Natural Energy.  We promise you will come away positively ignited! 

Denver based Susan Morrice was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland where her love of Nature, and inspired by the Giant’s Causeway, led her to study Natural Sciences/Geology at Trinity College Dublin.

Her career as a Wildcat Geologist took her all over the World and Susan was the first woman to be awarded the Outstanding Explorer Award and Presidential Award for Exemplary Service by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for her work in Geoscience.

Attending the Educo Educational Seminar in 2002 led Susan to the greatest discovery of her life and career.  She learned how to tap into the power of the mind and her own true nature that enabled her and her late business partner, Mike Usher and a group of mainly Irish investors to find oil in Belize on the first strike (where others, having spent over $400 million trying, believed there was none).

Susan founded her company Belize Natural Energy on the Educo Model and BNE has consistently been the No. 1 revenue generator in Belize.  

With this Educational Model at its heart, BNE has won numerous awards including the Green Company of the Year; the Employer of the Year and the prestigious Global GetEnergy Education ‘Learning at the Core’ Award for benefitting and empowering communities, beating 50 countries.

The BNE Trust has invested over 9.3 million Belize Dollars in education and its outreach has impacted local communities, supported entrepreneurs and sponsored many projects.  For example, the Chief of Police, Howell Gillett, was able to reduce crime in the capital city by 52% having attended the Educo Seminar.

The legacy of the Educo Model extends beyond the oil and gas industry.  Seeing Susan’s success at BNE, her cousin Josh Stewart attended the Seminar and decided to follow his dream.  X-Jet was born.  In 2017 the company was voted the number one private aviation company in the World.  As a fellow Director, Susan saw first hand how the success of the Educo Model is not restricted to the oil and gas industry.  It can be applied to any industry and area of life, so much so that it has become a beacon to other countries and led to the signing of a Bilateral Trade Agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Belize in 2015.

Susan is regularly featured in prestigious and industry magazines including Forbes and has recently presented at Harvard Business School, Imperial College London and Trinity College Dublin.  In January of 2022, she was award the Michael S Johnson Outstanding Explorer Award by the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.

Susan has a passion for the protection of the environment and uncovering the true potential of all those she meets.

VenueZoom Video Meeting
StartsThu Mar 10 2022, 11:00am MST
EndsThu Mar 10 2022, 12:30pm MST

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