Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

President’s Message: We are surrounded by amazing ladies every day!  On International Women’s Day, carve out some time to celebrate all the fabulous women in your life, including yourself.  Perhaps we aren’t all famous, but we are high achievers by all accounts:  We are women who have met life’s challenges and endured, usually without receiving any award, or acknowledgment.  We have dealt with biases, health issues, family difficulties, career setbacks, and loss…only to persevere and continue to grow, care, and share ourselves.  WOGA is here to support and celebrate all of you. And so, my MAGNIFICENT SISTERS, march on with our strength beside you!  

I am so proud to introduce our 2021 Board of Directors.  These ladies are working hard to bring you the best experience possible! – Anna Thauberger

Dawn Lima:  I believe in integrity, diversity, and supporting the next generation of female leaders!  WOGA is a great platform to support other professional women and I have been serving on the WOGA Board since 2017.  I am a global traveler, having visited 30 countries before I turned 30!  I enjoy all things outdoors in Colorado and love skiing.  Without the Oil & Gas Industry I wouldn’t have the warm and weather-proof clothing and boots I so enjoy, nor the lift equipment!


Deanna Duell:  I am an avid supporter of women achieving their full potential in the Oil and Gas Industry. I am excited to contribute, grow, learn and achieve with WOGA by leading and contributing to the various activities and events.  I am a former competitive swimmer and love hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing.


Jamie Dandar: Having a long tenure of working in heavily male-dominated industries, I joke that my stilettos have steel toes!  I am the author of the book, Speak Up, Sister! The Professional Woman’s Guide to Confidence and Success. Through virtual workshops and leadership coaching, I am a corporate trainer who focuses on empowering women to ditch doubts, speak up and advance their careers. I like to snowshoe and hike with my husband Rob and our dog, Penny, and I tout Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg as the ultimate Shero.


Lia Fields:  I am a very physically active person and I also tend to gravitate towards activities that build bonds with others. I started practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 6 years ago and am an active member of the women’s BJJ community. I truly love the sisterhood that I feel there. My photo was taken at a Girls in Gis event in Aurora and women who attended are from all over Colorado and Wyoming. Traveling long distances for a BJJ event is not uncommon and without the availability of affordable oil and gas that travel, as wells as the items like our gis, mats, and a warm gym for that 5:30 am class, would not be possible.


Anna Thauberger:  I am so grateful for our industry and how we have improved lives all over the world!  I grew up in Saskatchewan, but I have called many other places ‘home’, including Germany and the US.  My interests are like my travels – all over the map!  As of late, most of my free is spent with my husband and 3-year-old daughter – from tea parties to picnics. The oil and gas industry is a perfect fit for me for a myriad of reasons, including the warm comradery and unpretentious vibe.  I am always looking for opportunities to continue to serve the ladies in our industry.  For me, community-care is also self-care!


Christa Zaharias:  I’ve been around Oil and Gas for my entire life, growing up in a refinery town in Oklahoma and then working as an engineer and project manager in the energy industry. I love the outdoors – running, hiking, skiing – and appreciate getting to enjoy those things with friends and family in beautiful Colorado.  There are so many parts of our lives that are impacted by fossil fuels that we don’t think about on a day-to-day basis, including our hobbies.  It’s not just the fuel to get me to the mountains, it’s in the warm, water-resistant coat and ski pants I wear.  It’s not just the hot water in my shower after a long run, but petroleum-based materials in my running shoes.  While there is a need for humanity to also embrace renewable energy, it’s very important to acknowledge the role traditional energy sources play and will continue to play, in all of our lives.


Camille Flournoy: I have been with Liberty Oilfield Services for five years and am a buyer on the Supply Chain team. My favorite thing about Colorado is being a weekend warrior on the ski slopes! Skiing requires fossils fuels in several ways; I need gas to get to the mountain, plastic to make my boots, bindings and skis and many lifts run on natural gas instead of coal which helps lower the pollution. I am proud to be a woman in the Colorado Oil and Gas industry!


Laura Jones: I am a founding member of WOGA and have been in the oil and gas industry since 2012.  I feel drawn to the dynamic environment and collaboration required between parties to get commodities from the wellhead to the end-user.  Over the years I have built a strong network of customers and friends and I am passionate about bringing together women in the industry.  I currently work for ColdStream Energy as an Account Manager where I help customers reduce or eliminate emissions associated with flaring and stranded gas.  I am married with 3 small children, I love to travel, cook, host friends and family, and spend time outdoors.  I am grateful for the many benefits fossil fuels bring to the quality of my life, but this year in particular having an RV that runs on gasoline and is heated with propane has allowed our family to safely create lifelong memories while crisscrossing the country during COVID.


Debi Roe:  I’ve been an Oil and Gas professional for many years and a part of WOGA since its inception in 2013. I am passionate about promoting industry education and professional growth. I love the Rocky Mountains and enjoy the many bounties they have to offer and none of it would be possible without the benefits of Oil & Gas. When the snow falls, I head up to Rollins Pass to cross country ski with my dog, grateful that my insulated waterproof pants and my favorite Kinco mittens will keep me warm.