WOGA Upcoming Events

WOGA Upcoming Events

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Hope your week is off to a great start! Please mark your calendars for the WOGA HOLIDAY PARTY on November 11th! And check out our great events coming up soon, too!


Join us for Lean In on Thursday, October 14th with speaker, Technical Professional Coach, Engineer and Energy Industry Leader, Jade Morel!

Being able to describe your work is a crucial component to a successful career trajectory. I wish I’d learned this lesson earlier in my career, but you can learn from my mistakes. I’ll share practical tips to describing your work in an authentic way that won’t make you (or others) cringe.

While I hold a chemical engineering degree from Penn State and have nearly 20 years of oil and gas industry experience , I’m also a certified health coach (which I realize is an odd combination). I am a wife, a mom of three, a runner, a full time traveler and I am unapologetic in my love of learning all new things.

I help others maneuver through the various stages of working life. Maybe you’re crushing it in your career and ready to make the next move. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who is looking contribute to the family in a new way. Maybe you’re ready to take a huge step back from your career to spend more time with family. Or maybe you’re about to return to work from maternity leave and have some apprehensions about the re-entry process. I have been in ALL of those situations and have built up an arsenal of tools that helped me as well as notes on what absolutely did not work.

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Venue Zoom Video Meeting
Starts Thu Oct 14 2021, 11:00am MST
Ends Thu Oct 14 2021, 12:30pm MST




With ESG space filled with buzz words and ambitious goals like “New Zero by …”, it can be overwhelming and confusing to discern all the terms and how they all fit together. Questions like “How is emission calculated?” and “what is carbon credit?” often pops in mind when folks hear about ESG or emission talks. Ru Schaefferkoetter will try to offer a simple and quick crash course on this topic, including:

  • The world of missions and what does it mean to be “Net Zero” (2 min)
  • What does emission from US onshore oil and gas activity look likes (4 min)
  • Methane Reduction: what is the significance, and why now (4 min)
  • How is TRIDO using innovative technology to tackle the largest Methane source (4 min)
  • Carbon Offset and Carbon Credit: the practical, but not very perfect marriage between “Capital” and “Net Zero” (4 min)


Ru Schaefferkoetter is the President and CEO of TRIDO Solutions, a vertically integrated business focusing on methane emission mitigation and carbon management for onshore oil and gas production. Prior to starting her venture, Ru spent 8 years in the oil and gas industry. She also served in the US Army for 4.5 years, including 1 year of combat deployment to Iraq. Ru is a Texas Longhorn with a Chemical Engineer Degree from UT Austin

TRIDO Solutions Company Bio

TRIDO Solutions is a vertically integrated technology company providing solar-powered solutions to fugitive methane emissions. Inspired by aerospace application, TRIDO designs and builds zero-vent technology with superior reliability and low maintenance requirement. TRIDO’s patented PMAC motor and VFD controller deliver work with high efficiency and long life. This innovative technology enables zero-vent solutions for chemical injection pumps, circulation/transportation pumps, and pneumatic instruments at a low cost. TRIDO’s low power consumption allows deployment with minimal solar footprints into remote sites with no access to the grid, saving money while eliminating GHG emissions.

TRIDO also provides integrated carbon credit management services to our customers, including carbon credit documentation, registration, auditing, and certification. TRIDO facilitates and manages all sizes of carbon emission reduction credit sales, returns high ROI beyond performance to our customers.

Starts Tue Nov 16 2021, 11:00am MDT
Ends Tue Nov 16 2021, 12:30pm MDT




More info to come soon!